Pricing & Packages

My personal portrait sessions are structured to serve you with unique offerings & experiences - ranging from a fully stylized photoshoot to minimalistic seasonal mini's. My goal is to provide you with a break from reality & provide an opportunity to see yourself in a new light.

Please refer to this page for an overview of each session & the links for more details.


Who are your portrait sessions for?

Clients who book a portrait session with me are looking to create expressive portraits of themselves and/or someone close. I also offer specially tailored sessions for a range of other needs, including branding & marketing, milestones & events, and more. My portraits are best suited for couples, friends, & individuals looking to break away from reality and express themselves.

do you take photos of families?

Yes - However, my full sessions are not structured to capture a family, rather an couples, friends, and individuals.

Be on the lookout for seasonal mini sessions - which are tailored to accommodate families and small groups!

Where are you based? Do you travel?

Conveniently located between Seattle & Portland, I'm based in Centralia AKA Chehalis, Washington. You might not have heard of the town(s) I'm based in; but perhaps you're familiar with Olympia, our beautiful state capitol? I'm located about 30 minutes South of Olympia. While the twin cities are far removed from the fast pace of the big cities, the small town charm is maintained without venturing far from i5.

Traveling to dreamy locations is what photographers like me dream of! Yes, I do travel & have specific sessions designed for this option!

What is your turnaround time?

All portrait sessions will be returned, fully edited within 3 weeks from when final selections are made.

*Proof gallery applicable to select galleries.

How many photos are taken and returned?

I take more photos than anyone could ever need; I like to be sure I capture as many micro expressions because it's these that you don't see when you take a selfie!

The amount of photos returned depends on the package you've selected!

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely - Yes! You're more than welcome to bring a friend for, support, security, snacks!? In this day and age online and real life safety should be a top priority for all of us! I generally bring an assistant to help with all of the above for me, and encourage my clients to do the same! I also encourage you to be selective with who you invite and trust that they'll hype you up and cheer you on!

If you're looking to include friends in the photo, take a look at the sessions that offer a plus one spot.

Where & when will this happen?

Depending on the session you've selected, a location will be selected that best suits the theme. Sometimes this is a studio within the PNW available for rent, but most of the time my sessions take place outdoors. For THAT reason, the when can get dicey as lighting matters. You can trust that I'll with you to make this the best experience possible!


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