Engagement sessions are always such a heartwarming prelude to the beautiful journey a couple is about to embark on. My process begins even before the shoot, with a consultation where I get to learn about the couple, hear their story, and understand what makes their relationship unique. This helps me plan a session that’s truly personalized for them.

I had the immense pleasure of capturing an enchanting engagement session in Olympia, Washington, where love and laughter filled the air, creating a magical atmosphere.

Working with couples like this one is why I love what I do—every love story is unique, and capturing those special moments is such a joy. It was all about capturing the unique love story of this amazing couple in a way that truly reflected who they are. Let me share with you some of the highlights from this session and why it meant so much to me.

Setting the Stage: The Historic Beauty of the Capitol Building

We kicked things off at the Capitol Building, surrounded by its stunning architecture and rich history. The grand marble columns and intricate carvings provided a breathtaking backdrop. What I loved most was how the couple’s elegant style fit so perfectly with the setting. The bride-to-be looked like a princess in her dreamy pink gown, and her fiancé was so sharp in his white shirt. It felt like we stepped into a timeless love story, and I was there to capture it all.

Love in Every Frame

One of the reasons I adore working with couples is seeing their chemistry come to life in front of the camera. This couple’s connection was so genuine and sweet. One of my favorite shots is them sharing a tender moment in an elevator. The soft lighting added such a romantic touch, perfectly reflecting their deep bond. Another favorite is them on the marble steps—total fairytale vibes!

Moments of Pure Joy

Capturing candid moments of joy is one of the best parts of my job, and this session was full of them. Whether it was a playful twirl in the grand halls of the Capitol Building, a sweet kiss by the marble columns, or walking hand-in-hand down the stunning corridors, every image reflects their genuine happiness. These unscripted moments truly tell the story of their love. The elegance and grandeur of the Capitol Building made every candid shot even more magical, highlighting their playful and loving connection.

A Garden Romance

We then moved to the lush gardens around the Capitol, and it was like stepping into a romantic movie. The vibrant flowers and greenery provided a beautiful backdrop that matched the couple’s adventurous spirit. Their outfits popped against the natural surroundings, and every shot was bursting with color and emotion. It’s in settings like these where I get to capture the essence of who they are together.

Sweet Endings at the Ice Cream Shop

To finish off our session, we headed to a charming ice cream shop. This part of the shoot was so much fun because it added a playful and personal touch to their story - a little something special between them. They shared some sweet moments over frozen treats, and the relaxed atmosphere made for some truly delightful photos. It’s little adventures like these that make engagement sessions so memorable.

Creating a Unique Experience

What I love most about engagement sessions is making them more than just a photoshoot. It’s an experience that celebrates who you are as a couple. This session was all about capturing their unique love story, and every moment felt special and true to them. Being able to tell these stories through my lens is why I love working with couples.

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