A fantasy fairytale photoshoot featuring Mount Rainier sounds enchanting, doesn't it!?!?

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About the Experience

Once upon a time, in the enchanting land of the Pacific Northwest , a snowy winter fairytale came to life. The majestic mountain stood tall, its peak covered in a pristine blanket of glistening snow. The forest surrounding it was filled with tall evergreen trees, their branches heavy with snowflakes that sparkled like diamonds in the sunlight. In this wondrous setting, a magical photoshoot was about to take place. Keep reading to discover the inspired story told through the images - as well as tips for creating your own mountain fantasy photoshoot.

Weeks of crafting & sourcing props, planning logistics & storyline details, shot-list preparation, and vendor coordination went into cultivating the magical scene. The air was filled with anticipation as the crew prepared for the fairytale-themed session. Taking place in multiple locations we told the a fairytale story through images to be featured on the cover of Spellbound Fairytales & Fantasy March VOL XVI.

The first scene told the story of our fair lady running away from the palace and into the woods. The "Lewis County Courthouse" made for a perfect setting as its' historic sandstone façade gave us the chateau vibe we were looking for! This is one of my go-to, favorite, local public photoshoot locations in Chehalis, Washington. It's staircase, iron doors, and architecture offer an upscale setting for photoshoots.

Trusting the strength of a frozen lake located right near the White Pass Scenic byway, the next scene showcased the graceful Snow Queen Nicole, portrayed herself as wandering through the wilderness and base of the mountain. Adorned in a flowing gown of deep icy blue, she walked through the snowy landscape leaving behind a trail of frost with every step, creating a shimmering path in her wake. As the day drew to a close, the we worked to capture the last rays of the setting sun, casting a warm golden glow over the winter wonderland. Sunlight was a challenge to work with as we'd prepared for and expected snowy weather conditions. We worked with the elements to create golden glowing images as our queen basked in the light.

The final scene captured the full mountain in the backdrop, where a tablespace made up of quest items was nestled amidst the snow-covered trees. Searching through the provided material, she searched for the truth she'd been seeking. Meanwhile onlookers and strangers stopped to ask questions and marvel at the scene we'd created. The crew reveled in the success of the photoshoot, knowing they had captured a moment of pure magic!

And so, in the land of Mount Rainier, where reality meets fantasy, a snowy winter fairytale photoshoot became a timeless memory, forever immortalized in photographs. The images transported viewers to a world where dreams come true, reminding them of the magic that exists in the most unexpected places, even on the slopes of a majestic mountain range.

A story inspired by TRUE LOVE

Once upon a time, in a grand castle nestled amidst rolling hills, lived a princess named Seraphina. Although she possessed beauty and grace, her heart longed for something more. She was a spirited and curious young woman who had a heart filled with love for literature, poetry, and music. Always spotted with a book or letter, she could be found  devouring tales of adventure, love, and enlightenment. The words transported her to distant lands and which kindled a fire within her soul. With each page turned, her spirit grew bolder, and her heart expanded with desire. Despite the luxurious life within the castle walls, Seraphina felt a deep yearning for something more profound - a love that would ignite her soul; a love that went beyond the expectations of the kingdom.  She longed to experience life more substantial than her sheltered existence and social expectations. 

One moonlit evening, while gazing through her window, Seraphina made a daring decision to leave the next day. She would embark on a journey into the vast and enchanting mountains - armed with her cherished collection of books, a journal filled with her own poetry, and a voice that could weave melodies with the wind she would fight for the calling her soul demanded. 

The next morning  the sun painted the sky in hues of gold, and with the first light of dawn, Seraphina sought out  to embark on a journey that would lead her to the best discovery of her lifetime. She yearned to find a love that cherished her for her intellect, her passions, and her dreams. Clutching to the map and compass, she escaped the confines of the castle walls, leaving behind her royally privileged life. The princess ventured deep into the sprawling mountains, guided by the whispers of her heart.

As she traveled through the rugged terrain, Seraphina encountered breathtaking landscapes and ancient wisdom echoed through the trees. In the solitude of the mountains, she would read the pages of her beloved books, diving into stories of love and self-discovery. She would recite her poetry, allowing her emotions to pour onto the pages, finding solace and strength in her words. Seraphina sang songs of longing and hope, and the mountains echoed her melodies, providing a sense of companionship in her solitude.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, but Seraphina never wavered in her pursuit. She hiked higher peaks, embraced the snow-capped summits, and bathed in the crystal-clear waters of mountain streams. In the whispers of nature, she found answers and reassurance that her path was the right one.As the princess walked deeper into the mountains, she began to pour her thoughts onto parchment, crafting verses that spoke of her desires and longings. Her words danced with passion and vulnerability, a reflection of the love she sought. She sang her poetry to the wind, letting her voice carry her emotions through the peaks and valleys.She felt an unyielding determination to discover a love that cherished her for her true self, beyond the trappings of her royal title. Her songs grew stronger, her poetry more poignant, and her heart more resolute.

Then, one day, as the sun set behind the towering peaks, Seraphina paused to look within. She realized that in her quest for love, she had discovered something far more precious—self-love. She had learned to cherish her own worth, to appreciate her unique talents, and to embrace her flaws as part of her beauty. Seraphina realized that love was not only something she sought from others but something she carried within herself all along.

With a heart full of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and love, Seraphina descended from the mountains, retracing her steps back to the castle. But this time, she returned not as a lost princess but as a woman empowered by her own journey. Her newfound wisdom and strength radiated from her, and the people of the kingdom marveled at the transformation. From that day forward, the princess and her filled the castle halls with music, poetry, and a love that inspired all who beheld it. Seraphina's journey had not only granted her the love she had sought but had also transformed the castle into a haven of artistry, where love and creativity flourished for generations to come.

Seraphina became an advocate for self-love and self-discovery, using her voice and her words to inspire others. Through her poetry and songs, she shared her journey and encouraged those around her to embark on their own quests for love and acceptance. And so, the princess who once ran away to the mountains in search of love ended up finding the greatest love of all—self-love. Seraphina's story would forever be told as a reminder that within the depths of our own hearts lies the key to true happiness and fulfillment.

Tips for capturing your own Winter fantasy fairytale photoshoot at Mt. Rainer and beyond!

A winter fantasy fairytale photoshoot at Mount Rainier sounds absolutely enchanting! Mount Rainier, located in Washington State, offers stunning landscapes and breathtaking vistas that would serve as the perfect backdrop for your fairytale-themed shoot. Here are some ideas and suggestions to make your photoshoot truly magical and whimsical atmosphere amidst the breathtaking scenery of Mount Rainier:

  • Theme and Concept:

Decide on the specific fairytale or fantasy theme you want to incorporate into your photoshoot. It could be inspired by a classic fairytale like "Snow White" or "The Snow Queen," or you could create a unique fantasy world of your own.

  • Wardrobe and Costumes:

Choose elegant and whimsical outfits for the models that align with the chosen fairytale theme. Long flowing dresses, capes, faux fur coats, or even sparkling gowns can add a touch of magic to the shoot. Consider incorporating elements like tiaras, crowns, or other accessories to enhance the fairytale ambiance.

  • Hair and Makeup:

Opt for ethereal and dreamy makeup looks that accentuate the fairytale atmosphere. Soft, natural hues, glittery eyeshadows, and delicate hair accessories can help create a magical appearance. Hairstyles like loose curls, braids, or intricate updos can add to the overall enchanting vibe.

  • Location:

Mount Rainier offers various picturesque spots for your photoshoot. Consider locations like Paradise, with its snow-covered meadows and stunning views of the mountain, or Sunrise, where you can capture the golden light of the winter sunrise. Explore different areas around the mountain for diverse backdrops, including snow-covered forests, frozen waterfalls, and icy lakes.

  • Props and Set Design:

Incorporate props that enhance the fairytale theme. Lanterns, vintage books, antique chairs, or props inspired by the chosen fairytale can add a touch of whimsy. Set up a cozy winter picnic scene with blankets, teacups, and a thermos to capture intimate moments in the snow.

  • Lighting and Timing:

Pay attention to the lighting conditions during your photoshoot. The soft, diffused light of the golden hour, shortly after sunrise or before sunset, can add a magical glow to your images. Be prepared for colder temperatures and plan your shoot accordingly to ensure everyone's comfort.

  • Poses and Expressions:

Guide your models to pose in ways that evoke a sense of wonder and magic. Encourage them to interact with the surroundings, play with snow, or create storytelling moments. Experiment with different poses, from candid shots to more composed and dramatic poses, to capture a range of emotions and moods.

Remember to plan your photoshoot in advance, considering permits, weather conditions, and any necessary safety precautions. Take advantage of the natural beauty of Mount Rainier and let your creativity soar to create a truly enchanting winter fairytale experience.

Special thanks to:

Nicole Chere
Noelle Woolley 
AMy Lamb
Jessica Hanson