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Residential real estate photography rates are based on the the following components:

∙Photography Style

∙ Home Size

∙ Add-On's

∙ Travel Distance


Real Estate Photography Styles 

All homes are different & so are their needs.

There are three techniques or photography styles used by Christal Clear Images to produce Real Estate Images; Standard, HDR, and Flash Blending.  This is setup to unsure that you can find a style to match your budget. All styles are perfectly suitable for MLS use and are edited to showcase the space in the best way possible. 


Starting at $100


Starting at $150



Starting at $200


Add-On Options 



Included with Each Session

Private Gallery

All images are conveniently delivered to clients through a private password protected.  This gallery allows clients to view, share, and download images.

Hi-Res Images

High resolution describes a photo that is suitable fort print and online uses. The higher resolution a photo has the more clear your image will appear.  While a low resolution looks good enough on a small screen (phone/tablet), a low resolution image will not appear clear for print advertisements. 

48 Hour Turn-Around Time

All photos will be delivered within 48 hours from the date of the session.  Agents and owners are encouraged to plan photography services early.  A "cushion time" should be included in planning in the event that there are unforeseen circumstances for any of the parties involved.

Preparation Checklist

In order to ensure a home is photo ready, a checklist for the homeowner to utilize is provided upon booking.  Completion on this list ensures that a home appears appealing to a potential buyer.  This checklist is also a great resource to use to prepare a home for an open house.  The checklist also specifies what I do and don't do when it comes to preparing a home for photos. 

MLS Licence for Use

Christal Clear Images is the copyright owner of all images produced.  Included in all real estate photography sessions is a limited time and use licence for the photos delivered. Expansion of the licence is available upon request for an additional fee.  The MLS licence allows the original client to upload and use the photos on MLS and similar websites.  Photos may also be used in print advertisement to assist in the sale of the home; all intended print advertisement sources must be verified, approved and listed on the MLS Licence prior to the session.  The licence does allow the use of the images on social media sites to assist in the sale of the home.  If an agent/owner/builder is interested in using the images to promote themselves or their business, they may purchase an expanded licence.  

Special Requests

To make it simple, I work for you!  I am happy to work with my customers to generate the best outcome possible! If there is a special request that has not been mentioned I will do my best to accommodate these requests.