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 About Myself

I have been working in photography for over 10 years.  In 2017 I expanded my knowledge and product offerings to include real estate photography.  This aspect of the industry wasn't one that I had ever considered until the realtor I purchased my home from approached me to see if I had any interest in giving this a shot; turns out I really enjoy it!  I'm extremely appreciative to have been given the opportunity to learn and practice this art from loved ones and members of our community.  

I am completely self-taught and am proud of that. I don't have much spare time with raising my own two little boys, but between naps and late at
night I have invested hundreds of hours to learn how to be the best I can be at this. 

Upon starting out, I thought it was as simple as pointing and shooting.  While that certainly works for some, I always strive to push myself to reach the next level and to not settle for what simply works.  I've learned that there is much more to this art, such as how to avoid over exposed widows, adjust verticals, correct color casting, and much, much more. I thoroughly enjoy this art of properly capturing a homes' beauty and character (and that's what makes this art). 


About What I Do
Once I am booked, I send will send you a "preparation checklist" to utilize as you prepare the home for photos.  The list includes the obvious elements of preparation, such as ensuring the space is neat and tidy, and some not so obvious tips such as, limiting the fireplace mantel to 5 items.  It is my hopes that this checklist is used as we work together to create striking images of the home.

Knowing that the heavy lifting was done in preparation for the shoot by the owner, I look out for any items that may seem out of place and make adjustments as needed. For instance, if the dining room chairs are not lined up correctly or if an unsightly soap dispenser was left out I will assist in temporarily removing it.

In order to achieve images, I use a mixture of natural ambient lighting, off-camera flash photography, and HDR techniques to generate a realistic and eye-catching look.  Clients may view my portfolio to determine which style of photography will best suit their needs.   

My work with the photos doesn't stop when I leave the home (or site); I process photos in various software programs to enhance key features and remove any unwanted items.  Upon completion, the images are delivered through a password protected client gallery and available for download. 




Below is an overview of the Policies and Procedures for Christal Clear Images Real Estate Photography Services.

To ensure all parties are on the same page, a signed agreement is required prior to the session.  The agreement outlines copyright/ownership, cancellations, expectations, and payment arrangements.  I ask that the agreement is read and signed prior to the shoot to ensure that there is ample time to cover any questions and make any adjustments or modifications if needed.  There is no requirement for how far out you can book, if I have the availability, we will make it work.  I do not offer any staging or cleaning services (but am happy to help answer questions and provide tips).   

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FAQ's are outlined below. For any questions or clarification, please contact me!