Tips and Tricks for Working with Fur Babies

November 23, 2017  •  1 Comment

We live with them, we eat with them, we sleep with them, we play with them, and we love them.  

Our four legged friends make the worst days better and the best days brighter.  

When it comes to having your pictures taken, including them is the obvious choice for many! 

Chances are, you've taken a snapshot of a pet on your phone, right? It's not as easy as taking a selfie!

If you're including a pet in your photos here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your experience.



It may seem obvious but, treats are a great thing for me to have in my tool bag.  Small size treats are perfect for grabbing attention and keeping faces clean!  Toys also work very well to bring the attention to the camera.  



Particularly with a dog, be sure to take them on a walk before hand. At the time of your shoot, your dog will be excited to meet new people and perhaps explore a new place.  Walks help everyone burn off a little extra energy before they explore a new situation.




 Just like you would take time to primp, help your pet out to look their best too. Just like you, I want these photos to turn out perfect! Ensuring your pet is groomed helps me to accomplish this task.



Let me know before your session if there any particular shots you're hoping to have taken.  Also, I want your pet to feel as comfortable as possible, please let me know about any special considerations that should be made around your pet.  




Both a collar and leash allow us to control the pet (as well as we can).  This tool also prevents our pet exploring too far away from us and getting lost.



Props add more life to an already lively pic - if there are any special props you'd like to bring, ask about it before hand and I will work with you to see if we can include these.



Most importantly, relax.  If you're tense, your pet will pick up on that.  I will do my job of making sure we meet the required criteria of your session.  And I'm such an animal lover; its a treat to spend my time with them. So if they're not as prim and proper as we'd like, we will make it work.




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Great article Christal! You can tell these animals are comfortable in your care.
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